Golf Simulator Software

Creative Golf 3D Simulator Software for FlightScope
This software is an all-round software solution for play and practice and is especially good if you’ve got young kids or teenagers you’re trying to entertain or get interested in golf.

With The Creative Golf 3D Game, you get 15 courses. (You can see the full list under the main product description on our website). With it you can also move into training mode where you can work on your full swing, chipping or putting on a selected golf course.

The software also has a few elements that make it ideal for the whole family to participate in and can be a great fun focal point when you have other family groups over to visit.

Everyone, beginner golfers, young and old can play Fairytale Golf, set in a magical setting where the holes are substantially larger, (sounds like the ideal golfing world!). There’s also mini-golf and demolition golf, where you try to score as many points as possible by smashing windows on ramshackle old buildings. Gamer teenagers love this one, but it’s also ideal for clearing the mental cobwebs after a tough day at work!

In Tournament Mode you can join tournaments listed on the tournament server and compare your skills with golfers from all over the world. Players compete in regular play, but also Longest Drive, Nearest to the Pin and Target Golf, plus the other games already mentioned above, if they wish.

Creative Golf 3D Full Course Add On Library for FlightScope
For an additional $—- you can upgrade to the Full Course Add On Library and get instant access to another 100 courses, all again listed under the main product description on our website.

As we’ve said the Creative Golf 3D Game is a great all-rounder which will satisfy the serious golfer in the family, but also get the kids involved and grandad up off the coach!
Golfisimo Entertainment Pack for FlightScope
Let’s face it, the dilemma faced by a lot of golfers is that golf practice can be boring. While golf tragic range rats might be happy to grind away hitting two hundred five irons on a range, most of us need a little more inspiration—and Golfisimo is designed to give you that.

It’s been proven that golfers learn and retain more when their practice is fun and enjoyable. Golfisimo features competitive games aimed at improving your all-round shot precision and short game skills. It also has a lot of fun and entertaining games that kids will really enjoy and are great for getting non-golfers interested in the game.

The Golfisimo software is priced at $——, can be used on its own, or merges seamlessly with the Creative Golf 3D Package featured above. Both packages merge into one during installation, which means their functionality can be used from one interface.

Golfisimo has eight different featured games so you and your family and friends are never likely to run out of fun and rewarding options using it.

There’s some great videos and slides with explanation of them under the main products description on our website, but in a nutshell:

Target Golf: Has players attempting to hit the center of targets, targets are scored and the most points wins.

Easy Golf: Focuses on shorter holes, pitch and putt courses, par three courses and kids length courses. Obviously great for the younger folks but also a great way to sneak in a bit of practice before a work day!

Mini golf: Is purely putting practice, adventure golf and standard mini-golf. Awesome for parties because everyone can putt!

Demolition Golf: Here you shoot at various objects attempting to either break, sink or explode them! Pints awarded on degree of difficulty.

Bridges: Is a lot of fun. Working in teams players hit shots to build bridges across islands and connect  three parts of a city. Hit the water or an already occupied island and play switches to the other team.

Barrels: Individual or team, improve your short chipping by trying to sink barrels!

Darts: Just like real darts, reduce 301 or 501 to zero or play a max points game. One or more players.

Grand Slam: Based around a tennis type scoring system, play singles or doubles.

We found Golfisimo is just what it says—a total golf entertainment package!