Best Golf Simulator Projector

In the commercial indoor simulator centers 24-7 Golf has been involved with, one of our primary focuses has always been around the quality of the projected images. We knew that if customers experienced a bright, clear, high-quality image that filled the screen—we would see them return again and again.

It’s exactly the same when choosing a projector for your home simulator set-up. These days software designers go to incredible lengths to create detailed and engaging virtual courses and practice ranges.

It just doesn’t make sense to skimp on the quality of your projector.

You want to be able project an image that fully engages you with the virtual world you’re experiencing, and when friends come over you want to floor them with your simulators “wow” factor! So much of this comes down to the quality and features of your projector.

After much testing we have decided the  Optoma GT1080HDR 4K (Short Throw) Projector  priced at $—-is the most suitable for golf simulation play–it basically just beats everything else hands down!

In fact, so much so it’s now the only projector we now stock.

Let’s run through some of its features.

It’s 4K/HDR Compatible. High Dynamic Range Technology (HDR) improves the contrast ratio, brightness and color depth of your display. It delivers brighter whites and deeper black levels. It enhances detail and depth of field. Making the displayed image come to life in a clearer and more realistic fashion.

So, when you’re playing simulator golf, you’ll see more texture in the fairways and greens, and more detail in the rough (which you only look at as you walk past, you’re never in it right!). Even the sky, water and the leaves on the trees are enhanced by this technology.

The Optoma is a short throw projector, meaning it can be mounted on the top bar of the simulator enclosures we sell without being in the way of impact or your swing whether right or left-handed. So, with most devices it will fill the screen—but you won’t have any distracting shadows on the screen as you can have with normal throw projectors that need to be mounted further away.

With 4000 lumens of brightness, the screen is bright even with your ambient lighting still on, so you and your guests aren’t having to stumble to the bar in the dark!

And with full HD 1080p resolution, HD content will be shown without any down-scaling or compression. So, apart from using it for simulator golf, you might break out the popcorn and treat the family to a regular big screen movie night! Or show life size holiday snaps! Or project the kids gaming! This projector, teamed up with our enclosure screens, apart from a great simulator golf experience, opens up a whole new world of engaging family fun.

Setting the projector on its Eco+ mode also gives you up to 15,000 hours of lamp life before you have to look at replacing a lamp. And with this model and its powerful in-built speaker system providing high quality sound, external speakers are a thing of the past.

There are a couple of points to take into consideration with this projector. We haven’t simply sourced the cheapest option on the market. We believe the Optoma GT1080HDR 4K (Short Throw) Projector is the best value, best priced option, to provide a highly enjoyable simulator golf experience.

It does have to be mounted in a fairly specific area, as the image cannot be manipulated as much as other models via the menu options. If you’re not sure regarding your area or set-up please email us at before purchasing.

Lastly, as it typically displays in 4:3 aspect ratio, the image may not fill the screen for all PC’s, Phone’s or tablets, so again check with your device specifications regarding this, or we can advise. But the flip side of this of course is that this projector can create a whopping 100-inch projection from just 43 inches away!

With easy connectivity via HDMI, VGA and 10W speaker in purchasing the Optoma GT1080HDR 4K (Short Throw) Projector you’re in for a trouble free, thoroughly enjoyable projection experience.

For full tech specs and compatibility on this model please refer to the main product description page on our website.