Golf Cages

What most people think of as golf cages have certainly changed over the last few years and at 24/7 Golf we believe we are at the forefront of these changes.

When golf cages were first introduced to the market the main focus was on safety. There were also no simulators at that time. So the design focus on a cage was to simply allow someone to hit golf balls safely within a confined space. The golfer would hit from inside the cage against a net.

Many of these early designs were very large, made from heavy steel tubing with wire fencing and you generally had to get them built in your yard. Unfortunately this is still what some companies are offering for the golfer that wants to practice from home. You’ve seen this sort of set-up, municipalities usually put them up in public parks because they are more or less impervious to weather. But that’s about their only advantage. Apart from that they’re just clunky and expensive dinosaurs.

There are now very different alternatives and at 24/7 Golf we think we offer some of the most technically innovative, easy to assemble, safest, hardest wearing, multi-functional golf cages on the market.

Let’s look at our offering.

One of the first things to understand is that you no longer have to stand inside an enclosed, claustrophobic cage to practice safely.

Our purpose built golf enclosures allow you a feeling of freedom while still being totally safe and bring a whole new world of functionality to your at home practice experience.

Our enclosures come in three different sizes. You can refer to the main product descriptions on our website for the specific dimension details and the space you will need to accommodate each.

To keep the overall weight down—so our enclosures can be easily moved once set up, and be assembled and disassembled by an individual—we use light weight powder coated steel tubing for the frames. For safety and to maintain the integrity of the structure they are fitted with steel pin lock connectors.

We wanted to minimise the chance of rebounding golf balls, so we developed an off-mount screen design that eliminates ninety five percent of direct contact with golf balls.

That’s another key point of difference with our version of golf cages, the hitting screen is also a projection screen. So apart from safely absorbing the impact it also allows you to project either driving range or course play software associated with your launch monitor giving you a big screen golf experience. So instead of just bashing balls mindlessly into a net you can actually see your ball flight and get key feedback data.

All our enclosures also feature our famous single piece design meaning there are literally no spaces where balls can pass through—protecting your precious walls and windows. Added to this we have now incorporated a foot long, built in safety buffer zone behind the hitting screen. So even as your screen expands backwards to absorb to impact of high velocity balls, it will not come into contact with a hard surface behind it.

But we didn’t stop there in our efforts to maximise the safety of your practice experience. In our latest designs we’ve also added cushioning protective border pads to the interior of our enclosures on the inside left, right, and ceiling.

The screen we’ve integrated into our designs is also a key component of the safety and enjoyment of our enclosures. They feature high quality, dual layer 1/8th inch, 650gsm Air-mesh, combined with high density 350gsm woven polyester and we believe they are one of the safest screens available worldwide.

They display the four most important qualities a simulator screen should have:

  • Great Projection
  • Hardwearing and Durable
  • Quiet Impact
  • Low rebound rate

On a general note, all of our enclosures can be assembled by one person in just thirty minutes with our simple, easy to follow assembly instructions, which come complete with graphics and a video demonstration.

 Be sure to measure the overall space you are intending to put your enclosure in to make sure you select the appropriate model.

Finally, when we started making golf enclosures, we were determined to offer consumers something different to the clunky old cage designs of yesteryear and we’re proud to say we think we’ve reached a pinnacle offering with our latest design. These enclosures are not just safe and functional but are also designed to add to the overall look of your entertainment and recreational home spaces.