Best Golf Net

At 24-7 Golf we’ve now been supplying and retailing golf simulators and golf simulator accessories to the market place for over 15 years.

Over that time, we’ve carried many versions of indoor and outdoor hitting nets. But we basically saw so many of these nets coming back to us due to faulty design, workmanship or materials, that we decided to manufacturer our own. After seeing all the defects and potential pitfalls we figured we’d pretty much be experts at providing you the customer with a great quality, great performing net. A net that we, as fellow golf enthusiasts, would be proud to own and use ourselves.

And you know what? We weren’t wrong! We believe the 24-7 Golf Return Net we sell today represents the most value for money option on the market today.

We designed and built this net with four key criteria in mind.

  1. It had to be durable. Tough enough to stand up to hours and hours of repeated punishment from golfers with high ball speeds—and it is that.
  2. It had to be functionable. Golfers practice more when their practice is fun and enjoyable. We wanted to produce a net that was portable, easy to set-up and take down and returned the ball to the hitting area so you get more shots in your allotted practice time—we’ve achieved that.
  3. The materials and workmanship had to be second to none. We sourced high quality materials for every component of our net and have employed skilled machinists to produce it.
  4. It had to represent the best value for money on the market. It’s not the cheapest in its size and class, that was never our intention. But it certainly is the best value for money proposition.

Because we wanted to produce the best available net, we poured all our research and design money and effort into producing just this one model. We just weren’t interested in making and selling half a dozen different nets at the expense of controlling the quality that you receive.

Once assembled the 24-7Golf Return Net is 7’H x 7’W x 3’6″D. Which we have found will suit the vast majority of indoor and outdoor settings.  It’s been especially designed to fit under the lower roof height of some garages. But always measure the space you are intending to put it in before purchasing, just to be on the safe side.

Constructed of powder coated lightweight metal poles the net can be easily put up and dismantled by one person in a matter of minutes.

The netting itself is made up of a UV resistant, multi-fiber heavy weight polyester yarn containing Strand Lock technology. Making it not only super tough and durable, but also more resistant to weather exposure and stretching. Meaning your net will last for longer and balls will never pass through the holes.

We also sell side safety netting as an accompaniment to this net and would thoroughly recommend purchasing this accessory if you are putting the net indoors, where errant shots might rebound off walls or furniture—hey even pros occasionally mis-hit or shank shots. Outdoors the side netting is a good idea if you’re going to be practicing anywhere near your house, remember the golf ball is the natural enemy of the window!

The curved frame design means that after the impact velocity of the struck ball is neutralized, the net will effectively roll the ball back to its starting position. Unlike other practice nets where you often have to have dozens of balls, with the 24-7 Golf Return net you can practice with a minimum of balls changing them regularly as they wear out.

The 24-7 Golf Return Net is free standing and does not need to be fixed to walls or ceiling. Our specially designed Super Stability Base means the net will have a minimum of movement, even over the course of a long practice session.

Our net will also integrate and work seamlessly with every launch monitor on the market and not affect the accuracy of their readings.

And don’t forget, if you are a little bit space challenged in your backyard the net can also offer active kids a chance to hone their soccer goal shooting, football punting or baseball and softball throwing and pitching skills. One of our team members even went outside one morning to find his seven-year-old daughter happily practicing her tennis serve into it!

The 24-7 Golf Return Net—we think you’ll find it offers everything you could ever want for a perfect at practice solution.