CoachNow has teamed up with 24/7 Golf to offer you the best, easiest, safest and most economical golf simulator solutions for your students. Whether they already have a launch monitor or not, there is a perfect package to improve their abilityt to practice at home (or in the office), and practice more often. This has shown to create a stickier relationship between student and coach, that lasts longer and provides better outcomes for both.

Golf Simulator Packages

There are "Bring Your Own Launch Monitor" packages that offer your students everything they need to set up a home simualtor for practice. There are several add-ons like putting mats, additional software to play 150,000 golf courses and a gaming computer to go with it.

Launch Monitor Packages

24/7 Golf also offers full packages with most popular launch monitors on the market including SkyTrak, Flightscope, Full Swing Golf and Garmin R10. With a wide variety of best bang-for-buck simulators, your students can choose which suits their space and their budget.

Bring your own Launch Monitor

Practice Package

Play Package