How Much Does a Golf Simulator Cost?

Looking for a way to hone your golf technique when you’re away from the course? Want to enjoy some great golfing practice in your own home, office, or anywhere else? 

Whether you’ve been golfing for years or you’re just starting out, a golf simulator could be the right choice for you.

But let’s think about your budget. How much does a golf simulator cost? How much can you expect to pay to set up your golf simulator? There’s a lot to consider here, and different factors can contribute to the cost.

Read on to discover more in our handy guide.

Types of Golf Simulators

There are various types of golf simulators on the market. Discover more about these categories and make the right selection for your budget.

Indoor Only

Indoor-only golf simulators must be used inside, where they are protected from weather conditions and general wear and tear.

Indoor and Outdoor

Some simulators are more hardwearing and can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings. It’s still advisable to protect your setup from heavy weather and to pack everything away after use.

Full Enclosures

A full enclosure provides optimal coverage when you play. A heavy-duty screen and screen protector make up the back of the enclosure. Additional netting completes the enclosure, catching shots that fly to either side of the screen.

Return Nets

Return nets offer a simpler setup with coverage on only one side. A net catches shots and bounces the ball back towards the player.

Factors That Affect Golf Simulator Cost

What kind of variables impact how much your golf simulator costs? Check out some of the key aspects to bear in mind as you browse the range.

Simulator or Bundle Type

More complex and sophisticated simulators tend to be more expensive. Simulator kits with lots of different pieces may also carry a higher price tag, but this may still represent a real saving over buying the items separately.

Simulator Software

There are many types of golf simulator software out there on the market. These range from simple software prices, with just a few practice courses and gaming modes, up to higher-end titles with thousands of courses built in. The price of simulator software can vary significantly.

Simulator Hardware

Top-of-the-range projectors, golfing hit sensors, and other pieces of equipment can all add to the cost of setting up your golf simulator. Hardware is available at different price points.


Buying a readymade product will generally be cheaper than purchasing a customised golf simulator. However, the customised option will be better suited to your specific needs.

Cost Breakdown

Understanding the pricing breakdown is important. This will help you get a clear picture of how much it will cost to set up your golf simulator. Here’s how the cost might be structured.

  • The simulator hardware and software itself
  • The enclosure and return net
  • The launch monitors, plus any specially designed golf balls that are compatible with these sensors
  • The screen and screen protector
  • The mounting brackets and fastenings
  • The carry case and storage container
  • The gaming laptop

Bear in mind that you won’t find all of the above items in every golf simulator set. More comprehensive sets and bundles might include all these items, and perhaps even more. Budget-friendly setups will include fewer items and will generally be cheaper.

Budget-Friendly Options

What are these budget-friendly options we’ve just mentioned? How can you reduce the cost when you set up your golf simulator? Here’s what to look for.

Lower-Cost Hardware

It’s the simulator itself that will contribute the bulk of the cost to your setup. Just like when you buy any other piece of tech, you’ll find that there are many pricing options. Take a look at the specifications for the unit you want to buy – lower-cost units can give you all the functionality you need without the higher-end price tag.

Lower-Cost Software

There are lots of pieces of golfing software on the market. Just like when you choose your hardware, take a look at the specs for each software title, and choose one that matches your needs at a lower cost.

DIY Systems

You might already have hitting mats and nets, so you don’t need these included in your bundle. A DIY setup, using the equipment you already have available, will help you keep the cost down.

Fewer Features and Extras

You’ll see lots of different features and extras in golf simulator bundles. This is great, but you might not need all of them. Look for packages that give you what you need without the unwanted additions.

Advanced Features and Customisation

You can certainly achieve a great practice setup, as well as a great time enjoying your favourite sport, without advanced features. However, if you’re in search of a real professional experience, you may want to look for some of these advanced and customisable options.

Software Upgrades

Do you want to enjoy access to thousands of simulated courses from across the world? Do you want to personalise your golfing experience with various settings? You can with higher-end golf simulation titles.

Custom Graphics

If you want to enjoy custom graphics while you play, choose an advanced model or bundle that can offer this.

Professional-Grade Sensor Technology

Higher-end systems come with a range of different sensors, providing professional-level insight when you play. Specially designed golf balls may offer even more insight, as they are manufactured with sensor compatibility in mind.

Financing Options

If you find the perfect golf simulator but your budget won’t quite stretch that far, you may have other options.

Financing could be a good choice here. With a financing contract, you’ll be able to use your golf simulator straight away, but you won’t pay for the full amount up front. Instead, you’ll be able to spread the cost across multiple separate payments. Interest-free or low-interest contracts will help you get the best deal when you finance.

If your needs are more short-term, you might not need to buy a golf simulator outright at all. Instead, you could lease the equipment for a reduced fee. You’ll need to return the equipment in good condition when you’re finished, and there might be other fees and charges to pay, but the leasing option might be the best bet if it matches your needs.

Maintenance and Upkeep

It doesn’t matter how much you have paid for your golf simulator; you want to be able to enjoy your new setup for as long as possible. This means keeping maintenance and upkeep in mind.

  • Remember that only outdoor simulator kits can be used outside.
  • Pack away your equipment after use.
  • Follow the setup and cleaning instructions carefully – give your equipment a light clean every few months.
  • Only use manufacturer-approved mounting brackets and carrying equipment.
  • Use a specially designed impact layer to protect your screen.
  • Make sure your computing devices can properly run the golf simulator software.
  • Always follow the installation and shutdown instructions for golfing software and on your devices.

Find the Golf Simulator to Match Your Budget 

Here at 24/7 Golf, we are proud to offer a range of golf simulators at different price points so you can find the option you need, whatever your budget. Browse our product pages and find what you need, or reach out to our team to discover more.