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SkyTrak’s revolutionary technology makes it an affordable home golf simulator

Using high speed cameras, SkyTrak’s photometric, camera-based technology measures multiple elements of the ball’s movement directly after impact. Then SkyTrak’s software calculates the shots projected flightpath and distance using sophisticated algorithms.
SkyTrak integrates fully with the top golf simulator software providers, offering you access to over 150,000 golf courses for incredibly realistic game play—and all at very affordable prices.

How accurate is SkyTrak?

Highly accurate

In rigorous independent testing of SkyTrak by a panel of golf industry practitioners, against both FlightScope X2, X3, Trackman, Mevo and Mevo+, SkyTrak proved itself to be one of the most accurate simulators on the market.

Extensively tested

At 24-7 golf, our in-house team of PGA professionals and top-level amateurs also extensively tested SkyTrak and can testify that it is a top-grade commercial grade simulator which you will be completely satisfied with—see our Mevo+ v SkyTrack comparison.

Value for money

In terms of bang for your buck, at $3599.00 AUD SkyTrak exceeds all expectations in the value for money equation.

What data does the SkyTrak capture?

SkyTrak measures the major ball-flight parameters that you need to know to give you meaningful data feedback during course play and practice sessions. In modern golf improvement, now more than ever, knowledge is power. SkyTrak gives you the crucial feedback you need to achieve maximum improvement in your game. Stop guessing and take advantage of SkyTrak today!
And with this data, get accurate personalised data regarding:
Higher priced units such as FlightScope X3 and Trackman 4 capture additional club parameters such as swing path, face angle, etc.
And yes, you could easily spend between $10,000 and $30,000 for a top-of-the-line unit such as Trackman, but, for a fraction of the price, with SkyTrak you get an accurate and completely reliable commercial quality system displaying the most important data parameters.

How much space to I need for the Mevo+?

The SkyTrak is indoor only and can be used in a relatively small space (around 2-3m of ball flight). It requires 2.5m width and anything above 2.85m in height is workable but it depends on the height of the player. As a rule of thumb, 3m is usually fine. As long as you can swing a driver comfortably you are fine.

Course integration

SkyTrak as standard includes the basic driving range software which allows you to practice like you would at the range with the addition of all the main data points. To use third party software on SkyTrak, you require an active SkyTrak Game Improvement Package which is $179 per year.
Compatible third party software that we recommend:

To play rounds of golf, we strongly recommend TGC2019 (The Golf Club 2019). This is our top of the range software, with over 150,000 courses including Pebble Beach, St Andrews and many more famous courses. This option allows up to four golfers at a time to play rounds off varying tees so that appropriate options can be selected depending on age, gender or ability. TGC 2019 also requires a high spec gaming computer with at least the following specifications.

  • OS: Windows 7/10 64Bit
  • Processor: Intel Core i3/i5/i7 @ 3.20GHz or equivalent
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVidia GTX 1050TI (or better), for 4K NVidia GTX 1080 (or better)
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection (Required)
  • Hard Drive: 30 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX 11 compatible
Another great option which combines both serious simulator golf with options for both beginners and children is purchasing Creative Golf 3D. Creative Golf 3D includes realistic real life golf courses from around the world, an outstanding array of practice options, and with the optional Golfisimo Add-On, pitch & putt, mini golf, and quite a few entertainment based practice modules such as dart golf and destruction golf.
E6 connect is one of the world’s leading golf simulator course software provider and the Mevo + integrates perfectly with E6 Connect being fully compatible.. At 24/7 Golf we are an official distributor of their software and can offer installation support as well. Over 100 premium golf courses available and you can play against people form all over the world. Incredible graphics and the most realistic golf playing experience.

What is the ongoing cost of the SkyTrak?

SkyTrak’s basic software has no fee, however, a yearly fee is required to access extra features. To use third party software on SkyTrak, you require an active SkyTrak Game Improvement Package, which is $179 per year.

Are SkyTrak units portable?

Yes, SkyTrak is completely portable, packed up and reset in a matter of minutes. The system has an internal battery providing more than four hours of use when fully charged and wirelessly connects to your iPad. Technically, SkyTrak can be used outdoors on a mat (not off grass) as long as you can avoid direct sunlight. However, we recommend indoor use only.
As our founder and CEO, Igor Vainshtein attests,
“I find SkyTrak to be one of the most affordable, all-in-one, practice, play and game improvement systems we have ever offered, I do hope you enjoy your purchase.”

Buy now, and experience the SkyTrak advantage